Three Towers Hike - 16th April 2016

On Saturday 16th April, 4 1st Owlsmoor Scouts left the comfort of their beds to tackle the 3 Towers Hike challenge. This is  a 27km hike in West Berkshire. 1st Owlsmoor have taken part in this County Hike for the past 5 years. This year's hike was even more challenging due to all the recent rain which made for some very muddy footpaths. Just ask Jenny who tried to lay down on a couple of occasions in them!


Scout Route

Owlsmoor Wanderers   Daniel. Bethany, Ewan & Nathan 7hrs 22mins

This is a new Owlsmoor record for a team’s first attempt at the hike.

The scouts started at Pangbourne at 09:30 in quite heavy rain which didn’t clear up for quite a while, making the infamous Streatley Hill quite a slippery slope to climb.

Tim’s Junket

Owlsmoor Young Ones  Laura, Paul, Michael & Martyn 3hrs 47mins

This also is a new Owlsmoor hike record.

Owlsmoor Oldies  Ian, Andy & Jenny 4hrs 19mins

The earlier rainfall made most of the footpaths quite slippery and very energy sapping to walk along, so a great performance by everyone, especially the scout team.

The full results are available on the 3 Towers Hike website (

Well done to everyone that took part!

Thanks to Ian and Andy for these pictures.

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