Three Towers Hike - 12th April 2014

We have just come back from the presentations at 79th Reading HQ, it seems that all out teams did very well in their respective categories:

Scouts: (Carl, James & Cameron)
Time was 6hrs 6mins, giving them a GOLD award (The fastest time was 4hrs 13mins). Last year the scouts team did the same hike in 7hs 43mins, so a great improvement on the time!

Explorers: (M & M & M)
Time was 8hrs 31mins, finishing just after 7.30pm, giving them a GOLD award and achieving a 4th place. Considering that the three of them did the ScoutPlus last year which was only a bit shorter in 9hrs 51mins again this is a great improvement. They each managed to polish off a big plateful of chicken curry at the end, despite suffering from some rather impressive blisters (Michael & Marc).

Junket: Owlsmoor Belles (Jenny, Kati, Sue & Bethany)
Time was 5hrs exactly, giving them a SILVER award. Congratulations must be given to Bethany who at only 9 years was probably one of the youngest participants in the hike.

Junket: Owlsmoor Oldies (Andy, Dave, Rob & Ian)
Time was 3hrs 58mins, giving them a GOLD award and achieving a 4th place. Congratulations must go to Andy who was a most impressive pace-maker, sometimes very hard to keep up with! He did have the added incentive that Jenny was in the girls team and didn’t want to suffer the next 52 weeks of earache because she beat him.

So, a very well done to all, and thank you for making everything run so smoothly. Andy has all the certificates and we will hold a presentation evening on the Monday when the scouts are back after Easter (28th April?). The full results should be posted on the 3 Towers Hike website over the next few days (

Thanks to Ian for these words and pictures.

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