Expedition Challenge - 14th~15th May 2011

The Challenge badge involved an expedition over 2 days, journeying 4 hours each day with an overnight camp. The Scouts were involved in the planning of the expedition, playing a full part of the team, using a map to keep track of where they were, cooking an evening meal and breakfast, and completing a challenge set by the Leaders. Eight Scouts decided to take part and were supported by 2 Leaders and a parent helper.

The Expedition chosen was to walk from the Scout Hut to Earleywood with a full rucksack (a distance of 8 miles / 13 km). The original route was to be through the Look Out but due to the recent fires there it was felt an alternative route was needed and so the Scouts walked up the A30 passed the RMA and Pennyhill Park. The Leaders were confident that the Scouts were able to walk on their own but did keep monitoring where they were - covertly and also with a wave!

The whole group met at the Recreation Ground in Bagshot for a late lunch before carrying on to Earleywood. The Scouts then pitched their tents and cooked meals using Army ration packs and Hexi burners before turning in for the night – a little earlier than usual!

The following morning everything was packed away and the Scouts headed off back to the Scout Hut. The journey towards Earleywood took 6 hours due to the Scouts needing to explore every bench along the way, the return journey only took 4 hours as they had a little adult company for the last half.

The weather was ideal - warm but cloudy with the odd bit of sunshine. The Scouts did very well and encouraged each other when the going was tough and they arrived at each end as a team. All eight Scouts completed the Challenge badge.

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