Scout Ranger Day - 27th March 2010

The Scouts were taken to Blackwater Reach, just off Sandhurst playing fields, which is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). Stuart Croft, Blackwater Valley Country Ranger, took the Scouts through how Blackwater Reach is maintained and the need for clearing trees to bring the area back in to a meadow.

The Scouts were shown how to fell a willow tree (branch by branch) using saws and loppers and then lit a fire to burn the smaller branches and twigs. The Scouts then carried on felling the tree and with the larger branches Stuart organised a log pile which will be home for insects and small animals in the area. They were then taken through the Forester activity badge and how to identify different trees by their shape and twigs (leaves not yet out in March). The time spent during the day will also count towards their Community Challenge badge.

They all enjoyed the day and the association with the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership is something we hope to repeat later in the year. Many thanks to Stuart Croft for making this day possible.

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