Welcome to 1st Owlsmoor Scout Group

Welcome to the 1st Owlsmoor Scout Group website. On this site we aim to give details of scouting activities and events within Owlsmoor, (near Sandhurst), Berkshire, UK. Here you can find information on Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and details of how to join us.

Help Needed

Are you interested in volunteering with 1st Owlsmoor Scout Group? Do you have skills that could be shared with and valued by our younger generation? We are still short of adult leaders and any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated. We have a vacancy for an Assistant Scout Leader. Please click here for details.

Code of Conduct

The leaders have implemented the following and hopefully this will resolve any behaviour issues. I am asking all parents to support us as this should make Scouts more enjoyable for all that attend including the adults. We will be introducing a RED / YELLOW card system: If a child's behaviour is not appropriate they will be asked to stop verbally. If this behaviour continues they will be issued a yellow card and their name placed on a board in the hut. If the child's name appears on the board twice in an evening they will be given a red card and will miss the next meeting. At the end of the evening I will inform you of why they have a Yellow / Red Card.

Beavers / Cubs Waiting List

Due to the demand of our popular Beaver and Cub groups, we run a waiting list for those wanting to join the groups. If you would like your child to join, we would suggest that you put their name down as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. When you request your child to be placed onto the waiting list, you will receive an email back to confirm this, usually within 7 days. We operate the waiting lists based on how long the child's name has been on the list, not by age, as we find this is the fairest way.

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